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Site Hub and Level Showcase Update!

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Site Hub and Level Showcase Update!

Post by Nick on Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:15 am

Hiya LittleBigBloggers! Firstly I'd like to thank you all very much for being so patient about our latest projects of our in-game HUB and Level Showcase. This is just really a little update to tell you how they're going!

Firstly, the Site HUB is now finished, and is looking pretty nice. We've got some nice music, pretty visuals, and just needs a bit of last minute polishing to make it that extra special. Screenshots coming soon! This level aims to introduce the Level Showcase, the Administrators, and just gain some much needed members for the site! When it's released, we're going to need some help getting it out to the masses, so we plead that you tweet, retweet, pester, publicize, wear a sandwich-board, and advertise however you can! It wont be hard, just click the little bird on the page!

Next, the Level Showcase, which is now in progress. We're looking for your level suggestions. If you know a level, or would like your level to be featured, please post in the Level Showcase forum! Thanks for all your help.

This thread will be continually updated until both these levels are released and debuted. This is a very important time for everyone at LittleBigBlogger Forums, so please, do everything you can to help. Keep checking here for updates!


Nick. Happy


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