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Roleplaying Guidelines

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Roleplaying Guidelines

Post by Nick on Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:37 pm

Roleplaying Guidelines

Welcome to the Roleplaying forums! These are a new place to immense yourself in a world other than this. So, you're eager to learn more? Just read the following points to ensure your experience here is as good as possible.

What is Roleplaying?

Roleplaying is a regular forum feature, comprised of pretending to be another person and undergoing various different situations. In most cases, this can be as simple as just interacting with other roleplayers, but sometimes it can be as exciting as going on adventures to complete mission objectives.

How do I get involved?

Roleplaying is open for everyone signed up to the site. As soon as there are a few threads in this forum, just fill in the thread requirements. Sometimes, you will be required to fill in an application form, and others you can just post away, revealing more information about your character as time progresses.

Don't I need a bio?

Some threads will require one, others wont. If it does, you should try to include some key details in your character bio. Firstly, talk about your character's most basic features: name, age, appearance, etc. Then, move on to some less common features, like who their family is, where they were born, likes and dislikes, etc. Most threads involve playing some sort of magical person, or someone with a power. In this case you should talk about what their ability is and how they got it!

Any forum rules?

As usual the full Forum Rules stand. Most rules are thread specific, and most of the time thread creator will have a pretty clear view of how things should work. In my past experience there seems to be one overlapping rule, which seems fair enough: on magical threads, NO DEMI-GODS! This argument has raged for a pretty long time. They aren't allowed because they give you an unfair advantage over the other players. If anyone signs up to any thread as one unless it specifies you can your posting privileges inside Roleplaying will be revoked. Here are the category rules:

  • Correct spelling and grammar is compulsory. Roleplaying is all about communication, and if others can't understand you due to your lack of basic English, then you cannot take part. As usual this forum is only in English, not other languages please.
  • No gods, demi-gods, or omnipotent beings. No one gets to hog the lime-light.
  • You are only permitted one character at a time! If your character is killed off, then you may introduce a new one. Multiple applications at the same time will be rejected!
  • No back-seat driving! Everyone has individual control of their character, and no one, not even the thread creator, may hijack anyone's character.
  • You must follow the thread rules, theme, and setting.
  • No profanity please, as usual. However, if you feel you need to for dramatic effect, feel free to use asterisks to signify the use of swearing (e.g. Fu***** c***).
  • If a roleplay is inactive for an entire month, it will be closed and removed to make sure it doesn't clutter the forum.
  • No hosting of more than two roleplays at once! It is nearly impossible to watch over three or more, so stick to one or two! We don't like having to remove people's creative masterpieces.
  • Finally, administrators reserve the right to remove any roleplay we think does not reach the forum standards. If your thread isn't well constructed and thought out, it will be deleted! Moderators, please consult with admins before deleting any threads in this catergory

Anything else I should know?

Roleplaying is all about using your imagination, whether it is coming up with a creative and original thread concept, or thinking up a unique and interesting character. It can take a bit of time to come up with something good, but please take the time to make sure your ideas are up to standard.

We hope you enjoy your experience in the roleplaying forum. If for any reason something insults you, or you feel that a thread or post does not agree with the general or forum specific rules, please contact a moderator or an administrator immediately. You can report posts by clicking on the little upside down triangle just above a post, with the exclamation mark inside. If you need faster assistance, you can normally find a mod/admin in the chatroom, or for extreme matters you can hastily contact us through our emails.

Thank you for taking the time to read the guidelines. Have fun roleplaying!

-Nick. Afro-bot!


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