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PLCC1: Mikey Angelo's Explordinary Quest For The Golden Trainer!

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PLCC1: Mikey Angelo's Explordinary Quest For The Golden Trainer!

Post by Dynamo31770 on Wed Aug 10, 2011 6:31 pm

Hello folks, and welcome to my brand new, utterly flashy forum post. I've decided I wanted to have more people play my levels, as what can a sack do without any power?

Mikey Angelo is the Owner and CEO of Mike, Which is a shoe company based of Nike, (I'm glad you've noticed it rhymes) and Mikey is looking for the mysterious golden trainer, which has the magical ability of making anybody's dreams come true! (about shoes that is...) And so you wage a platforming quest through all four seasons, coming accross creatures made from shoes, two trees, a panda and a boss. The only thing you need to do, to keep the jist of the story, is to wait for all the speeches to end.

So, now I've told you all I need to tell you, queue up the link below, and make sure I get some feedback, I'm starving at the moment...


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