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Creator Pack 2 Contents. Update 1.06 - Coming Soon

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Creator Pack 2 Contents. Update 1.06 - Coming Soon

Post by Butaneflame on Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:38 am

Since the LBP Meet up in St. Louis, there has been word about a creator pack 2. Thanks to Spaff, he has provided the new tools for us. Much like creator pack 1, we will see a variety of new tools in LBP2 making logic pieces better and bringing new ideas to LBP. So what’s in the new creator pack?

Spaff Molecule Says...
“Heya – I bugged some people and they managed to get me a more complete list for you – here is what you will get for free in an upcoming patch:”

■Speed Sensor
■Angle Sensor
■Rotation Sensor
■Score Giver Update
■Slice and Dice tool
■Updated Water Bullets
■Updated Bounce Pads
■Triplets for sequencer (This is a rhythm flaw that the sequencer lacked. The Triplets for the Sequencer would allow you to add a note in between 2 notes, so you can have sections that are twice as fast without having to restart the entire song with double tempo.)

You do not need the move for these tools! This is just like the creator pack in LBP1, everyone can download this for free and use them! We will most likely see this is update 1.06 along with new secret pins. It's believed not to be the entire list. Spaff has said "a more complete list" which implies there is more to come.

For those of you concerned that all the lovely new content being developed for LittleBigPlanet 2 will only be available to owners of a PlayStation Move, you'll be glad to hear that it was revealed at the recent LBP Community Meet that plenty of the new content that doesn't require the PlayStation Move has been seperated and will be patched in automatically with Update 1.06

Plenty of fantastic tools available for all users for free. Don't know an exact release date currently, but it should be due just before the Move Pack itself, if it's not released on the same date

What do you guys think about this update?

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