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Local Space Cams to be fixed in 1.06 Patch

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Local Space Cams to be fixed in 1.06 Patch

Post by Butaneflame on Sun Aug 21, 2011 9:13 am

This is a glitch from BETA that is finally being fixed

Spaff says......
Heya folks,

the 1.06 patch, which contains mostly Move Pack contents, also has a few minor fixes, and one fix that has some ramifications that I thought I'd best tell you about:

The local space tweak on game and movie cameras has been fixed. It will no longer rotate the wrong way.

This unfortunatley means that a lot of the '3D' levels that are exploiting the broken version of this will probably break... Hopefully you braniacs can find another way of getting them to work though

1.06 will be out in a few weeks time - more on that when I know!




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