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Help Guidlines

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Help Guidlines

Post by Nick on Sat May 14, 2011 7:00 am

Help Forum Guidlines

So your stuck and don't know where else to turn? Have no fear! By posting your problem here, the community will be able to help. Here are some guidelines that will insure you get a concise and hasty solution to your issue.

  • Address the main points of the problem. What are you stuck at (logic, music, art, etc)? This is often best summarised in your thread title.
  • Develop on the problem details. Does it only happen occasionally? Question the problem nature; could it be a glitch or is it just a silly mistake?
  • Be specific. Think aloud, this is the only way creators will know exactly what you're problem is.
  • Feel free to take up some room. Make posts, pictures and type paragraphs: otherwise you may be lacking some information.
  • Remember, when you've found a solution, edit your original post saying the problem is solved.

By doing so, you're assuring yourself of a quick response! But remember, please try not to...

  • Get angry. Jeez, we're only trying to help, after all!
  • Be impatient. Bumping your thread every minute will get you nowhere, other than a deleted post and delayed solution.
  • Make endless posts - it's much better to simply edit your original post when expanding on the issue at hand.
  • All of the other forum rules apply.

So there you have it! I hope you find the answer to your problem.
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