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Forum Rules

Post by Nick on Sat May 14, 2011 7:26 pm

These forums are a great place for LittleBigPlanet community members to congregate, meet new friends, show off their latest creations and get help for any problems they might find. But please remember, these forums are only here to help you. Please do not misuse them for any reason. Here are the general forum rules which every member should stick to...

  • Do not post offensive, abusive, aggressive, vulgar or obscene content. There is no age-limit on LittleBigBlogger forum, so take into account that there are some youngsters out there. Any innapropriate content will be removed immediately.
  • Do not spam, repeatedly post, or post unnecessarily. Spam means posts which have no meaning or purpose, such as a random series of letters, gibberish, or repeated posts on the same topic. Do NOT spam your threads or any threads with 'bumps', you only need to bump once a day, max.
  • Do not beg for in-game hearts. If you feel any other member has spammed your inbox, threads, or profiles with HFH or words to that effect, feel free to contact myself, Hellobob5, or the other site staff for more assistance.
  • Do not post misleading links. Anyone who has posted links to viruses or external offensive websites will have appropriate sanctions applied.
  • Do not persecute other members. 'Trolling' or any similar forms of nasty material will be quickly removed, along with the offending member. When it comes to other players creations, don't just say "That's bad.", but suggest, how could that be improved? Constructive criticism please. If someone does offend you, do not retaliate. Be the better person and walk away, or you may face the same punishment.
  • Please use standard English. Please try to clearly without unnecessary abbreviations. Internet slang and time-saving shortenings are permitted, but 1337 5p33k is prohibited if used inappropriately. These forums are only in the English language, so please, make it easy for those where English is a second language.
  • Do not argue with staff. Their judgement is final, arguing with any staff, moderators or admins, will result in an instant ban. Settle disputes diplomatically, but arguing aggressively is prohibited.

Any player who breaks one of these rules will be warned. If the user disregards the warning, and breaks another, they will be given a probational ban of 7 days. Failing this, the user will either be permanently banned, or have their account deleted. We reserve the right to ban a user by their IP Address, should we feel the need to.

If you need any more guidance, please refer to the forum category specific guidelines.

By registering with us here at LittleBigBlogger Forum, you are signing a personal contract, agreeing not to break any of our rules. We reserve the right to alter and tweak these rules at any point without notifying you, and you are expected to check here regularly to look out for any updates.

Thank you very much, and we hope you enjoy your stay here!
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