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How ya'll doin

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How ya'll doin

Post by Jameslfc19 on Wed May 18, 2011 9:57 am

How ya'll doin, just thought i ask how you all doing on the forum, you enjoying it?

Were still little but we got a lot of things to come, so far we've made good progress starting to get members, 2Admins and 2Mods, level showcases, and a good community.

We hope you are enjoying your time here and hope you like it. Our members give us support and right now we feel we've started a great community. If your reading this and you not a member then what are you waiting for! Join this amazing community and become well known around it.

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Re: How ya'll doin

Post by Malamo999 on Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:24 pm

16 Views and no posts! :O Sorry to bump an old topic but: I'm good, thanks. xD


^You are possibly THE coolest person on the entire Internet.
I found him guys. *points to Malamo999*. He's right there.
Coolest guy on the Internet. Just a nice guy, ya' know?
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