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StevenI: Move Details

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StevenI: Move Details

Post by Jameslfc19 on Wed Jun 08, 2011 6:13 pm

Thanks to StevenI we have some move details,

LittleBigPlanet Move Pack DLC Contents - The Full List
Move Pack
DLC Contents

You'll all be glad to hear that the NDA has finally been lifted from the Community GameJam Move Edition!
So I can now tell you all about the new contents to be found within the upcoming Move Pack! happier

To begin with, here's a rundown of the highlights of the pack!

New Power-Up - The Manipulator

The Manipulator is a new hat that Sackboy can wear that whilst active will allow him to pick up and move any grabbable object using the PlayStation Move, provided that the object is not too heavy and that Sackboy himself is not standing on the object.

New Tool - The Movinator

Essentially the PlayStation Move equivilant of The Controlinator.

Contains a fully customisable layout of the PlayStation Move that can be used to map your own controls and functions to it, in exactly the same way as you would with the DualShock and The Controlinator.

New Tool - Move Cursor

This new tool allows a creator to create their own custom in-game cursors whilst using the PlayStation Move.

You can use any in-game, DLC or custom Sticker during your cursor creation and you can also toggle whether the cursor can pick things up, can move in and out, whether grabbable objects will be highlighted upon hovering over them and whether the cursor requires a tag to be active.

New Tool - Move Paint

This is a big one!
Move Paint will allow you to create your own custom stickers using the PlayStation Move!
There's an assortment of brush types and a wide colour palette available whilst painting.

These Stickers will also have transparent backgrounds, so you're no longer restricted to the same old rectangular custom stickers! Additionally you can paste in other Stickers during your creation and edit them accordingly.

This Tool can infact be used during Create Mode and Single Player Play Mode.

New Tool - Move Recorder

Much like the previous Sackbot Recording tools, this tool will allow you to record any motion caused by using the PlayStation Move and then can be set to playback for your movie-making, level creation purposes.
Similarly these recordings can be set to loop and and have their speeds adjusted.

New Sensor - Speed Sensor

Can sense speed and you can toggle whether to sense the speed of only one direction or to allow all directions.

New Sensor - Rotation Sensor

Can sense rotations and again you can toggle whether to sense rotation in only one direction or in both directions.

New Sensor - Angle Sensor

Can be set to sense something within a specified angle.

New Material Type - Sticker Panel Material

This is another huge addition to the PlayStation Move Create DLC Pack!
You can set the colour and transparency of this Material.

So ssentially you can use this is an opaque version of the Hologram Material.
Meaning that no longer will your in-game sprites and other Hologram-based creations will have that semi-transparent look about them.

On top of that though, you can set the Mateiral to be completely transparent too.
Which makes it perfect for some aspects of Sticker placement.

New Score Giver Tweak - Score Multiplier

In the Score Giver, you can now tweak to enable or disable multipliers for your creation.

Other Notable Highlights From The Community GameJame

In-Game Store Overhaul

The in-game Store has had a major overhaul and DLC is now arranged in the order of Level Packs, Downloaded Packs and Outfits. In turn, each of these tabs are now listed alphabetically.

Selecting a Level Pack will open that Pack's level selection.

Selecting a Downloaded Pack will display a list of all the costume pieces, stickers and objects contained within the pack.
Each costume piece can be individually selected from this list and placed on your Sackboy.

Outfits is the recognisable list of complete Outfits for your Sackboy to wear.

Finally you can also Text Search the in-game Store.

Move Pack Level Rundown

This is just a quick count of the level's contained within the Move Pack, although please be aware that since I was playing an earlier version of the pack, this could still be subject to some change before release.

1 x Introduction Level
4 x Main Story Levels
1 x Boss Level
7 x Side Levels
1 x Tutorial Level for one of the above mention Side Levels
2 x Versus Levels
2 x Cutscene Levels

Total New Levels = 18

New Music Sequencer Instruments

At the Community GameJam, there were an additional 17 new Music Sequencer Instruments.
However again, these were very much in a developmental stage still and may be subject to some change before release.

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Re: StevenI: Move Details

Post by Spike-123_ on Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:20 pm

Oh Boy am i looking forward to this Pack!! I can't wait for the Cats & Dogs costume pack and the KZ3 DLC. Happy
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